It’s been five months since the last show. Time to get together again. Some may not believe this but I’ve only gained 7 pounds since my competition prep. However, fat has surrounded where I leaned out the most and can clearly been seen. It is easy for me to lose definition in my core because of my c-section so it is a constant battle with my diet. I’ve learned so much during this post show break (my very first time) and hope to build on the new gains I’ve acquired. Shall a new 90 day challenge be in the works?! I think so!

Anonymous asked: Why are you so beautiful?

I am not quite sure how to answer that but I really appreciate your msg! Thank you :)

sotobeans asked: I really like your did you overcome your biggest insecurities when you first started your fitness journey?

My biggest insecurities were the root of why I started so I kept going. It kept me motivated!